Frequently Asked Questions – Baisakhi Challenge


We are proactive and thought of certain questions you may have:

Q: Can I run in parts?
A: Yes you can. In a single day you can have maximum of 2 parts with at least 3km in one part.

Q: How do I measure my run?
Use any mobile app or running watch.

Q: Would the progress be shared on the Facebook page daily?
A: Yes. Showing maximum distance ran and fastest kms ran.

Q: How many kms can I run in one go?
A: You have to run minimum 13kms in a day and minimum 3kms in one go if you are running in 2 parts. There  is no limit to the maximum distance that you can run as there are two categories for competition fastest 13 and longest distance for 13 days.

Q: Can I compete in speed and distance both?
A: Yes you may. For fastest 13km in 13 days, you have to run at least 13kms everyday in a single part. You may run more than 13kms in one go or may run in 2 parts a distance beyond 13kms.

Q: What if I miss one day?
You will not be qualified to finish the challenge. It will be a DNF

Q: Can I run on treadmill?
A: Yes you may.

Q: If I run on treadmill how will I send my data?
A: You may send a picture of your treadmill data with a timestamp.

Q: If I skip one day can I compensate it by running 26 the next day?
A: No. If you skip one day you will be disqualified to continue the challenge further. It will be a DNF.

Q: Is it mandatory to share my running stats URL or image?

A: Yes, it is if you want to be in the competition.

Q: How will you find the first 10 challengers?

A: This is purely based on the registration time, first 10 registered participants will get a T Shirt

  1. How will you calculate who is the fastest?

A: It will be calculated on the average pace for 13 days where a runner is running 13 Kms every day in one part. We will take our the average of all days.

Q: Can I compete for fastest 13×13 as well as maximum distance category?

A: Yes, you can. But you must run minimum 13 Kms in one go to stay in competition for fastest 13X13, for maximum distance category you can run either in two parts or stop the app/garmin after 13 and continue.

Q: What do I need to upload on FB if I am posting data on the website?

A: You should post your pics and other experiences which will inspire and motivate other participant, Keep the FB page live.