Ribby Satija –  50km

What is more inspiring than a woman who runs? Yes, a woman who wows to run an Ultra Distance of 50km. She a wife, a mother, a working woman, a runner and now on her way to become an Ultra Runner. Meet Ribby Satija, a 45yr old woman from the holy city of Amritsar who believes that you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. Ribby has dedicated almost 25 years of her life to fitness. She was always keen on participating in marathons but never got an opportunity until two years ago at a local running event in Amritsar. She stood second in that mini running event. It inspired her to push her limits and set a new goal every time she runs.
The Great Run of Punjab is proud to have Ribby as the first woman to sign up for the Ultra race, inspiring millions of women to believe in themselves.



Shibsankar Ghosh – 200km

Sher-e-Punjab 200 KM race contender and Ambassador of The Great Run of Punjab from Maharashtra, 56 yrs old ultra runner Shibsankar Ghosh, is all set to experience Punjab through this run on 21st Oct, 2018.
Born in Kolkata but settled in Thane, Maharashtra, Shibsankar started running since October 2015. So far he has participated in 32 Half Marathon , ten 10 Km run , 1 Full Marathon( Bengaluru Full Marathon), one 25 Ultra(Vadodara Ultra) , one 50 KM ultra(Hyderabad Ultra), 65 Km Mumbai Ultra.
Shibsankar, we are proud to have you as our Ambassador for The Great Run of Punjab.


 Sunil Sharma – 200km

200KM Sher-e-Punjab run at The Great Run of Punjab contender from Kapurthala, Sunil Sharma, started his fitness journey with power lifting, winning state level Gold Medal in power lifting in 2016. Having accomplished many running and cycling events, he is resolved to break the barrier by running 200KM from Amritsar to Chandigarh on 21st Oct, 2018.
Ji Ayaan Nu Sunil Sharma at The Great Run Of Punjab


Saurabh Chopra -50km

When a businessman steps into running and goes on to become an Ultra Runner. Yes, this is the story of Saurabh Chopra, a young businessman from Amritsar, who had a penchant for drinks and parties, developed such an intense passion of running that now there is no looking back for him. In his words, “Running Is My Happy Space”.
With two 10kms Runs and 3 Half Marathons, with a PB 1:49:27, in just 8 months… Saurabh is raring to set his foot on the Ultra 50Kms. And what better platform to accomplish it than The Great Run Of Punjab !!
Saurabh, we welcome you to run Shaan-e-Punjab 50 KM race on 21st October, Amritsar to Beas.
His achievements in running events are:
16th April ’17 Amritsar Half Marathon 10Kms 00:55:58
3rd Sept ‘17 Ludhiana Half Marathon 21Kms 2:00:13
10th Sept ‘17 Gurugram Half Marathon 10.5Kms 00:52:06
24th Sept ‘17 Punjab Half Marathon 21Kms 01:54:02
19th Nov ‘17 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 21Kms 01:49:27


Vidur Gupta – 50km

We are glad to welcome Vidur Gupta, a consulting industry professional from Gurgaon, to 50km Shaan-e-Punjab race at The Great Run of Punjab on 21st Oct.
‘Target the goals which seem far stretched to yourself’ is a mantra for Vidur. Considered himself a non-runner till sometime back and now with two 10Kms and one half-marathon; want to break his physiological barrier of 21km distance running. He is keen to target the Ultra 50km run with help of The Great Run Of Punjab platform cause he says he draws inspiration/ motivation from a close friend who is attempting Ultra 200km run in same!


Sumit Ahuja – 50km

From 3Kms Sam, as he is fondly called, to 50Kms Sam !
A Jeweller by profession, Sumit values running more than any precious stone in his collection. Just as his unmatched wit n humour, his love for running is unmatched too. Having run several Half Marathons in Punjab and Delhi, Sumit is determined to go that extra mile. Join him in his quest to becoming an Ultra Marathoner on 21st Oct,18 at The Great Run Of Punjab !