H O M E  C O M F O R T  P A R T N E R  –  T R I D E N T 

We welcome Trident Home Decor Design as our Home Comfort Partner for the event The Great Run of Punjab to be held on 23rd November 2018. Trident Home Décor Design is a range of bed and bath solutions from TheTrident Group, a USD 1 Billion conglomerate. Manufactured in the heart ofIndia, having the world’s largest integrated textile plant at Madhya Pradesh, THDD products enjoy international quality standards. World class product offerings of Sports Towels, Bath Towels , Beach towels , Hotel and SPA towels etc using high end fibres and cottons are a treat for the skin. Bed sheet offerings bring forth brilliant textures and vibrant tones that not only add warmth and cosiness to ones abode but also ensure natural calm. So this coming season be ready to be spoilt for choices from Trident for making your homes ever so lovely and temperate.

S P O R T  A C C E S S O R I E S  P A R T N E R  –  P R O X I M A

We are glad to have Proxima life as our Sports Accessories Partner for The Baisakhi Challenge of The Great Run of Punjab.
Proxima life is exclusive Marketing partners and distributors for 7 countries in the Asian Region, for some of the unique and exclusive brands for runners, athletes and other sports. Brands are DRCOOL, COOLCORE, OS1ST, ORTHOSLEEVE, FOOTGYM and PROXIMA ACTIVE WEAR.


P R O M O  R U N  A P P A R E L  P A R T N E R  –  O R A N E

Who can be a better name than Orane to be the apparel partners of The Promo Run of The Great Run Of Punjab in Amritsar. Orane Institute of Beauty & Wellness is a chain of Beauty Institutes which inspire the youth to participate in the phenomenal growth of worldwide beauty industry.


P R O M O  R U N  R E F R E S H M E N T  P A R T N E R  –  S a k h i’ s  W a t z k u k i n  ?

We are glad to have partnered with Sakhi’s Watzkukin?’, the founders of the takeaway food industry in Amritsar for the promo run of The Great Run of Punjab on 25th Dec, Company Bagh.
As you finish your run, let your raging hunger be met by scrumptious yet wholesome food from the most admired kitchen of Watzkukin?’
With a history of 40 odd years, Watzkukin?’ is a trendsetting food venture started in 2003 by Mr. Maninder Singh Sakhi as the one and only multicuisine take away & delivery restaurant in the city.
Today it has evolved as one of the most promising food joint, adding a whole new gourmet menu with dine in, indoor and outdoor banqueting options.
Apart from different cuisines SWK also creates dishes for special health diets and is proud to provide healthy food.


H E A L T H  C A R E  P A R T N E R  –  A M A N D E E P  M E D I C I T Y

We are glad to welcome Amandeep Medicity as Health Care partner for The Great Run of Punjab Promo Run in Amritsar on 25th Dec, 7am, Company Bagh. While we all run on the roads, their medical facilities will make sure we are safe and sound.
Amandeep Group is coming up with a new hospital – Amandeep Medicity Hospital at the Mall Road,  Amritsar. This 100 bedded multi-specialty hospital is equipped with a technologically advanced Catheterization Laboratory, state of the art modular Operation Theatre, latest endoscopy facility, and best in class Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Apart from this the hospital would specialise in Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Internal Medicine, General & Laparoscopic Surgery, and Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery. Further, the Amandeep Medicity Hospital would also have an in-house diagnostic centre, with CT scan, MRI, and a bouquet of other latest technology. The core expertise of Amandeep Hospitals lie in their Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement department which has conducted 15,000 joint
replacement surgeries under the guidance of world renowned Dr. Avtar Singh.


R U N N I N G  G R O U P  P A R T N E R

WAR – We Amritsar Runners 

We Amritsar Runners – The first running group of Amritsar formed on 26th May 2016 is the force behind the mighty THE GREAT RUN OF PUNJAB. With a vision to promote fitness and fitness events in Amritsar, this group has around 150 active members including both men and women, including housewives, kids, office goers, senagers(senior citizens) and professionals and 1000 members online who follow the daily fitness schedule.


P R O M O  R U N  B E V E R A G E  P A R T N E R  –  V E R K A


For a Punjabi, Verka is not only one of the largest brands in India but a household name. Likewise for a run in Punjab, it is incomplete without a Verka Lassi at the finish line. With the enthusiasm of “Phulo Phalo. Pure Khao Pio“, Verka is committed to provide the healthiest dairy products to its esteemed customers.

The brand ‘Verka’ derives its name from the first modern dairy established in North India by Government of Punjab at Amritsar in the village named Verka. Established in the year 1963, more modern dairies in Chandigarh, Ludhiana & Mohali were set up to cater to the growing demands of people in Punjab.

Recently, Milkfed has put in tremendous efforts to revamp its branding strategy thereby giving boost to its flagship brand “Verka”, which has facilitated brand new packaging and looks for modern customers. In its efforts to further strengthen consumer connect, Verka has recently launched an array of new products appealing to the taste buds of all age groups.


P R O M O  R U N  H Y D R A T I O N  P A R T N E R  –  C O C A  C O L A


The Great Run Of Punjab is glad to welcome on board Coca Cola as Hydration Partner of the Promo Run in Amritsar on 25th Dec, 2017. Coca Cola doesn’t need any introduction as it is a global leader in the beverage industry, offering hundreds of brands, including soft drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks and other beverages. Join for the Promo run of The Great Run Of Punjab on 25th Dec, Company Bagh, Amritsar. 


P R O M O  R U N  B H A N G R A  P A R T N E R  – Z I N  B A L J E E T  K A U R  T E A M

A Certified Zumba instructor Zin Baljeet along with Zin Yatin Khurana is ready to rock your warm up and cool down with Bhangra on Dhol. We are glad to have them entertaining the participants on the Promo run in Amritsar for The Great Run Of Punjab.