Mehak Kapoor

The Mind behind the mission

A triathlete, an ultra runner, a marathoner, a fitness trainer, entrepreneur and a mother of two beautiful kids, Mehak has been associated with running and fitness since 2013. “Be all in or get all out; there is no halfway”, has always been her driving force in life. She is the founder of leading fitness community in Amritsar called We Amritsar Runners. Having worked as software engineer for many years, she found her calling in motivating people to believe in themselves. A Punjabi by heart, she has a vision of conducting world class fitness events all across Punjab spreading the rich heritage and culture of Punjab to the world outside. A typical foodie, she loves to give the participants of her running events that flavor of desi Punjabi cousine. In her words, “A running event should not be a cage of fitness watch, it should be a cocktail of scenic route, local touch, a high of the distance and an experience to remember for life”.


Balwinder Singh

The Motivator and Team Builder

Lets Run Together….If I can anyone can!

Ballu, as he is fondly called in the running community, believes that your life is successful if there is at least one person in this world who says because of you I DID IT..!

A Certified Level 4 Personal Strength trainer, Ultra Endurance athlete having achieved Tuffman 80 Kms ultra run (Jul 2017) in 13.03 hrs in one of the toughest trails of India, Podium finish in Starry night (Oct 2017) 10K category , 1:39 mins PB in ADHM 2016 , 3:53 mins PB in SCMM 2017 Full marathon , PB 10K: 45.23 Mins.

Besides running, he also is a fitness geek reading about fitness, sports nutrition, human physiology which has enabled him to assimilate vast amount of knowledge on running and physical fitness which he celebrates by sharing it with others. In his running circle he is popular for providing guidance and tips to beginners and loves to be part of group runs where individuals seeks his advice to improve their running.


Mandeep Goraya

The Influencer

Winner of title Tuffman, at Shimla Ultra , having done 80km in 12 hrs at one of the toughest terrains, Mandeep is an ultra runner and an IronMan.

He has done many full marathons and many half marathons. His vision of The Great Run of Punjab is to create good environment for the athletes to run multicity ultra events in the home ground.





Vipin Sharma

Flag Bearer for 200km

Is it his simplicity to smile warmly at everyone he meets or his eccentricity to run from one city to another every now and then, or his caliber to have run races like 24hrs stadium run, TuffMan, Bhatti lakes ultra and many more? What makes Vipin Sharma favorite runner on the block?

We feel it is all of the above! No wonder he has been featured in Star Sports “Believe Heroes” video inspiring runners across the world. For it takes a Hero to inspire many with his undaunted spirit of going on and on whether it’s woods, trails, unfamiliar cities, highways or hills. Vipin Sharma, a runner with the feet of steel and a heart of gold, is The Flag bearer Of 200km Sher-e-Punjab race at The Great Run of Punjab.






We are glad to welcome Coach Shshank Pundir as official Running Coach for The Great Run of Punjab. In the world of running, Coach Shshank is a name to reckon with. A 48yrs old hospitality professional, an ultra marathon
runner & avid cyclist, Shshank started running in 2008 after going through
tough medical conditions. Since then, he has completed 42+ full and half marathons,16 Ultras and 7 obstacle runs.
A Revo2lution running certified coach, Shshank believes in structured training and discipline when it comes to coaching for a marathon. With his training academy, Run Academy by Shshank, he has trained over hundreds of runners from new joiners to avid ultra runners, knowing their individual needs and designing target specific training plans for them to achieve their goals.
Some of his achievements:
• Comrades Ultra Marathon, South Africa -89kms – 2015, 2016
• Leh Ultra – 100km – 2014 – time 15.45hrs
• Bhatti Lake Ultra 220kms(2014) – 43hrs, 160km(2016) – 27hrs, 80km -2017
• Bangalore Ultra 24hrs run – 129km 2014
• ADHM 2010 to 2016 –1.58hrs,1.44hrs 1.43hrs,1.37hrs,1.35hrs,1.35hrs, 1:36hrs
• SCMM 2012 to 2017 full marathon –4.13hrs,4.02hrs,3.50hrs,3.36hrs,3.40hrs,3:23Hrs
• Bangalore Stadium Run(2015) – 24hrs – 136km, 36hrs run(2016)- 185km
• Super Randonneur – 200km, 300km, 400km & 600km cycling Brevet 2014-15
Training plans for Ultra race categories of The Great Run of Punjab have been shared by Coach Shshank Pundir for all the participants.



TGRP conducts frequent sessions with Coach Shshank Pundir. These sessions include the following:

  • How to train for an Ultra Run.
  • Nutrition required during training for an ultra run.
  • Foam Rolling : How to do it, how long to do it and when to do it
  • How to warm up and cool down before and after the run.